Our team is the bomb

Web 3 Final from Elizabeth Eadie on Vimeo.

Ryan Frame, YouJung Shin and Elizabeth Eadie walk viewers through their redesign of the City of Lost Angels website.

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And we’re live-ish

I’ve posted my completed pages to the class server.

The following are screenshots so the footer is not visible in all of them but it’s there 🙂 Oh, please forgive the weird line on the right side – my computer is on the fritz.

Landing Page for Business Section

Small Business Sub-Page

Filming Info Sub-Page

Minority Opportunities Sub-Page

Mobile App Landing Page

For the mobile app, I took YouJung’s mobile interface mock-ups and applied them to the file Jamie provided to make them a little more believable. This page is currently static but I’d love to add some sort of interaction to it. At the very least, I think maybe the smaller images should be able to be clicked on and have a pop up of a larger image.

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Adding Content

Adding content to Ryan’s perfectly organized pages is a delicate procedure. I thought it would be more confusing to work from someone else’s files but once you get familiar with their unique language/naming convention, it’s manageable. Feels like playing Operation. It’s true what they say – our worst fears lie in anticipation. hahahaa!

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moblie app

The City of Lost Angels_I redesigned the mobile app.

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Im starting my “For Residents”pages.

For Residents(landing page)

Neighborhood Watch page(sub)_Neighborhood Stabilization Program/ Rent Control/ Cable Franchise Map/LAPD Complaint Form (subsub)

Dog Parks(sub)_Leash-off Location/ Map/ Rules (subsub)

Farmers Market(sub)_Times&Location/ Map/ Seasonal Eating Guide (subsub)

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building those dang pages

so, i built the html and css three times until i got it right. I had a little trouble with the lists. In particular I was trying to make a list of lists, which failed miserably. The solution was just to set up separate divs and line then up. I feel like I learned a lot in the process of doing, failing and doing again. I am very happy with the page builds, but now we have to see how well they hold up when new content is introduced. I made a set of instructions for my partners to follow and soon enough we shall see if they make any sense or not.

I know I don’t post a lot on the blog. Probably because when something is worth writing about I am so frustrated with it that the last thing I want to do is relive the experience.

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For Residents(final contents)

This is my final contents for Residents page.

For Residents

Find your dog parks, farmers market, fire station, and more…

  1. Neighborhood Watch

Services for Neighborhood Councils and Los Angeles Residents

  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program

Purchase assistance financing to eligible homebuyers who wish to buy a foreclosed upon property in the City of Los Angeles.

  • Rent Control

Tenants may use this form to file complaints concerning possible violations of the Rent Stabilization Ordinance.

  • Cable Franchise Map (click Here)

(Link Pdf file)

  • LAPD Complaint Form

This form should be used exclusively to report employee misconduct

2. Farmers Market

Shopping at a Farmers’ Market allows you to purchase the freshest produce directly from the farmer. And since you’re dealing directly with the farmer, the produce is actually cheaper because the farmer is able to pass on the savings to you (as opposed to dealing with a distributor and/or store which cuts into their profits).

  • Map

To see a map of the facility, click Here.

  • Times& Locations

Here is a schedule of Farmers’ Market locations around Los Angeles County on any given day of the week:

  • Seasonal Eating Guide

Vegetable calendar

What’s available at the market by Month

Eating seasonally means enjoying the ripest and freshest food at the height of its natural harvest time. It means supporting local farmers who transport their goods the shortest distance to your plate. It also means experimenting with delicious foods you might not otherwise consider adding to a meal!

While many fruits and vegetables are available year-round, we enjoy some only briefly and eagerly anticipate their return to market from year to year. To find out what items you can get during which seasons at the Farmers Market, visit our seasonality charts->

3. Dog Parks

A tired dog is a happy dog

A dog park gives animals a chance to let off steam. It provides a spacious area for dogs to play and be socialized with people, as well as with other animals.

We have several facilities for L.A residents to exercise their dogs off leash. These facilities feature spaces for both large and small dogs, benches for owners, free doggie waste bags and water fountains.

-Double entrance and exit gates provide a secure environment for dogs. Parks, Recreation and Marine Dog Parks are non-supervised facilities. Patrons should use recreational dog facilities at their own risk. The City of Long Beach accepts no responsibility for the behavior of dogs or dog owners.

  • Leash-off locations
  • Map

To see a map of the facility, click HERE.

  • About (Rules)

Dog Park/Zone users must comply with posted rules for the safety of everyone and every dog.

Please refer to the Dog Park / Dog Zone Rules.

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